Industrial operations that require printing, such as manufacturing, warehousing and packaging, are being disrupted by UV LED printers. This type of revolutionary system makes use of a powerful UV LED lamp, which instantly cures inks and coatings.

UV LED Lamps and Curing

These days, UV LED lamps can be found in paint spray booths and automotive shops that offer various topcoat finishes. The light source streamlines the application of paint by curing the coating within a short period of time. Due to its quick settling process, this type of application is beneficial for heat-sensitive surfaces and sheets.

The use of UV LED fixtures ensure operators can toggle the unit, while maintaining high light output. Cut-off shields can be installed around the light head for accurate placement of the beam. This practice is suitable for small paint jobs of finishes.

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UV LED Printers

UV LED printers utilize solid-state fixtures, resulting in an extremely durable machine. During use, a worker applies the coating or adhesive to the surface. Next, the printing device emits a UV LED lamp over the coating. This part of the process causes the paint to harden due to the shrinking and bonding of materials on a molecular level. A UV wavelength range of 200 nm to 400 nm is applicable to this type of paint-curing process.

In most buildings, a bulk tank or large cartridge is used to hold the ink before it is applied to the surface of the object. Solutions without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be used by businesses, as needed.

The benefits of UV LED printers are numerous. When it comes to quality, UV LED printing offers sharper results, because the ink does not settle into the components. Moreover, individuals do not have to deal with dust associated with powder spray in traditional coatings (easy cleanup).

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